Bobrick B-7120 Surface Mounted ADA Hand Dryer w/ 25 Second Dry Time , Color White, 115v

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Bobrick B-7120 Surface-Mounted ADA Hand Dryer w/ 25 Second Dry Time - Color White, 115v

Bobrick B-7120 Description

Operating electronically, the Bobrick B-7120 surface-mounted hand dryer finishes the job in less than 25 seconds to provide a speedy and sanitary process. To save energy, if an inanimate object is placed under it to dry, the unit will shut off in 112 minutes. Hot air is produced by this hand dryer using coiled nickel-chrome heating elements, and two centrifugal fans push air out the opening. If the dryer gets too hot, it will shut off automatically with a thermal overload switch.

Product Details

  • QuietDry series TrimDry
  • Operated with electronic sensor
  • Automatically shuts off after 112 min. if used with an inanimate object
  • Dries hands in less than 25 sec.
  • Heats with 2 coiled nickel-chrome elements
  • Includes an automatic thermal overload switch
  • 2 centrifugal fans mounted on motor shaft
  • The vandal-resistant grille on the air inlet
  • 4 holes in the mounting base
  • Made of mild steel zinc with a white epoxy-coated finish

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 132532 in. W x 4 in. D x 131932 in. H
  • 15 A, 1725 W, 17 HP
  • 115 V/50-60 Hz/1 ph

Trim Line Surface-Mounted Hand Dryer, White painted steel, 115v/60/1ph. No-touch operation: electronic sensor automatically turns the dryer on when hands are held under the air-outlet opening and across the path of the sensor. Dual air outlets provide a swirling circulation of airflow. Drying time less than 25 seconds. The electronic sensor will automatically shut the dryer off 1-1/2 minutes after the dryer turns on.

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