Bobrick B72974 Plastic Automatic Universal Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

Brand: BOBRICKSKU: B72974

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Durable, high impact plastic surface-mounted automatic, universal roll paper towel dispenser


  • Universal roll towels eliminates proprietary purchasing agreements, Saves 30% or more
  • Adjustable towel length
  • Adjustable time delays
  • Shorter length on second activation
  • Automatic stub roll dispensing
  • Proven performance with wide variety of paper including 100% recycled paper
  • Automatic dispensing reduces risks of cross-contamination
  • Dispenser is powered by 4 "D" size alkaline batteries (not furnished)
  • 6 volt DC power supply - optional
  • Complies with EPA Resource Conversation Initiative


Materials: Door and Housing - Durable, high-impact resin. Door is translucent navy and is secured to beige Housing, Keyed lock at top. Door may be opened with removable key provided
Roll Paper Towel Mechanism - Dispenses one towel per activation and can be set to dispense paper towels at three different lengths. Accommodates up to 3-1/2" (90mm) diameter stub roll with automatic transfer to full roll
Size: 10-1/4" (260mm) w x 15-1/4" (385mm) h x 9-1/2" (240mm) d
Capacity: One universal standard-core, non-perforated rolls 8" (205mm) wide, 8" (205mm) diameter. 800 ft (244 m) long
Operation: Electronic sensor automatically dispenses towel when hands are placed under the towel opening. Dispenses universal, 1-1/2" to 2" (38 to 51mm) diameter core, up to 8" (205mm) diameter, 8" (205mm) wide, non-perforated, non-proprietary paper towel rolls. Towel length can be set to 9" (230mm), 12" (305mm), 15" (380mm). Optional "Paper Saver" feature allows a shorter second sheet to dispense immediately after the first sheet. The "Paper Saver" feature has two second sheet length options: 25% shorter sheet length or 12.5% shorter sheet length. Dispense delay can be set to 1, 2 or 3 seconds. There is no delay when "Paper Saver" option is selected. LED light on dispenser blinks when battery needs to be changed. The battery pack holds 4 "D" sized alkaline batteries (not furnished). Dispenser includes a 3-1/2" (90mm) diameter stub roll feature. When the stub roll is depleted, main roll automatically starts dispensing without the need to open the dispenser
Power Requirements: Dispenser is powered by 4, "D" size alkaline batteries (not furnished) or a 6-volt DC power supply. Power supply is an optional accessory: order Bobrick Part No. 3974-57
Installation: Mount the dispenser with bottom edge of the cabinet approximately 52" (1320mm) above the floor. Use at least two pan-head screws no smaller than #8 x 1.0 inch. The installer must ensure compatible and appropriate mounting hardware is used for the wall surface composition that the dispenser is being mounted upon
Electrical supply for use with 6-volt DC power supply must be installed per applicable building codes


Barrier-Free Code Compliance: Complies with barrier-free accessibility guidelines (including ADAAG in the U.S.A.)
EPA US: Complies with EPA Resource Conversation Initiative!

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