Bradley 6315 Sensored Soap Dispenser Lavatory Mounted


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Bradley 6315 Sensored Soap Dispenser Lavatory Mounted, The Bradley Model 6315 Soap Dispenser. Soap bottle not included. Must be ordered separately, Features ADA Compliant a 5-1/2 Spout, With a LED Light Indicators for Low Battery & Low Soap Refill And a Reliable Battery Infrared Metering Activation.


Materials: Spout Assembly:Chrome-plated plastic. Has LED light indicators: Yellow flashing light = low battery. Red flashing light = low soap
Motor Assembly:Plastic. Soap cartridge size is set for 1000-shot (27-oz.) bottle. If using 2000-shot (54-oz.) bottle, move switch located under rubber plug (by red reset button) to 2K. Once soap cartridge is installed, press refill reset button (red). This will automatically prime the soap refill bottle and initiate counting mechanism
Battery Box: Plastic, holds 4

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