Corbin Russwin DC8210 Surface Door Closer, Double Lever Arm with PA Bracket, Push or Pull Side Mount, Size 1 to 6, Full Cover, Grade 1, Non-Handed


Corbin Russwin Finish: -689, Silver Aluminum Painted (SBL)
Sale price$354.00/ea
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DC 8210 Corbin Russwin Door Closers

DC 8210 Corbin Russwin Door Closers are surface door closers. They have a double lever arm with a PA bracket. They also have a push or pull side mount.

Choose from size 1 to 6. These Corbin Russwin door closers are non-handed and Grade 1.

The DC 8210 door closer is part of the Corbin Russwin DC8000 Series.

DC8000 Series Door Closers 

The DC8000 offers added muscle for high-use and high-abuse situations. Captured valves and optional Torx® security screws offer added security, making them closer highly vandal- and tamper-resistant.

  • Heavy-duty forged arm
  • Multi-sized (1 through 6)
  • Captured valves
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Double heat-treated steel pinion
  • Universal Quik-Install™ bracket
  • Optional Tri-packed arm assembly
  • Cast-iron closer body
  • Retrofit plates allow direct retrofit of competitor's product
Image of DC 8210 Corbin Russwin Door Closers in use

DC 8210 Corbin Russwin Door Closers

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