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Corrim Fiberglass (FRP) Doors

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CORRIM is the world’s premier industrial fiberglass door and frame system. With a rigid, light and corrosion-resistant design, Corrim doors are the perfect solution for high-end commercial and residential applications.

  • Guaranteed to never rust
  • Perfect solution for high-end commercial applications

Corrim doors are guaranteed to never rust, even in highly corrosive environments and most aggressive environments, such as oil refineries, chemical plants and nuclear power plants. Due to its unique design and carbon fibers reinforced structure, they are also lightweight yet durable – perfect for your storage or machine room needs.

The properties of fiberglass reinforced polymer make it ideal for a broad range of applications. CORRIM door and frame products offer structural integrity and resistance to many elements. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosive environments, it is not conductive and acts as an excellent insulator, nonmagnetic, provides great strength, lightweight, dimensionally stable and features a smooth surface that withstands cleaning agents and animal wastes. Fiberglass composite will not detriorate or flake. In addition, polymer doors are very resistant to traffic abuse. In broad terms, CORRIM door and frame products are unique in their application against other materials.