Rockwood 2848 Automatic Flush Bolt with Bottom For Fire Rated Metal Doors Fire Bolt

Brand: ROCKWOODSKU: 284826D

Rockwood Finish: -.26D, Satin Chrome Plated (626)
Sale price$196.47/ea
Available (1‑2 Weeks)
1-2 Weeks Lead Time

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The Rockwood 2848 automatic flush bolt comes with a bottom fire bolt for metal fire rated doors, and comes non-handed. Rockwood Commercial Automatic Flush Bolt With Fire Bolt Requires a 5lbs low closing force and has an override feature which prevents damage to doors or bolts if bolt heads are blocked from entering strikes. The Rockwood 2848 has a Thermal lock that automatically locks the inactive door under high heat conditions due to fire.Rockwood 2848 bottom fire bolt eliminates need for floor prep.

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