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Sargent 3521 Power Supply 12VDC Power Supply, 1 AMP

  • SKU: BPBNTB622NR605

Sargent 3521 Power Supply 12VDC Power Supply, 1 AMP

  • SKU: 3521
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Sargent 3521 Power Supply is used to provide necessary power requirements to all of Sargent's hardware products. This includes electromechanical locks and access control hardware.

The Sargent 3521 Power Supply provides 12VDC of regulated power.

To calculate how many loads can be operated from one power supply, add the various amperage requirements of each load. These power supplies are recommended when using a Sargent System.


  • UL Class 2 Listed
  • Integral battery charging capability keeps sealed lead acid gel/cell at full charge in case of line voltage failure
  • Fused line voltage input with one, four, or eight DC outputs (depending on the model)
  • Each circuit can be individually turned on & off via a slide switch and the power status of each is shown by an LED
  • In the event of a DC short problem is confined to the zone of difficulty
  • Fire alarm interface standard
UL: UL Class 2 Listed

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