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Tiger Door has been a top provider in researching and manufacturing Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products. Tiger Door offers an extensive range of FRP products from door and frames to FRP door accessories. FRP doors and frames are made to be secure, long-lasting, and protect against any weather corrosion.

  • Ideal for areas requiring maximum hygiene, cleanability, and durability.
  • Lightweight, require little maintenance, and exhibit exceptional resistance to various forms of damage
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Tiger Door has been a pioneering force in the research and development of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products for over four decades.

Their comprehensive range of FRP door and frame units encompasses the Heavy Duty Door Series, Extreme Duty UL Fire Rated Door Series, and Extreme Duty Hurricane/Windstorm Door Series. Additionally, they offer Fixed Window Systems, Louvers, Thresholds, and Light Kits.

Each Tiger Door is custom CAD designed and handcrafted to precisely meet your specifications. It's worth emphasizing that all Tiger Door products can be tailored to custom sizes and are constructed without any ferrous metal or wood components that might cause premature deterioration. Furthermore, each door is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and guarantees exceptional service life and resistance to corrosion even in the harshest environments.

Tiger Doors

Quick Ship Doors
Tiger Door FRP Quick Ship doors are constructed with a polypropylene honeycomb core (PPC) surrounded by a pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and mid rail sub-frame. Tiger Door Quick Ship doors are shipped fully prepped for hardware and come with a lifetime warranty!

Heavy Duty Doors
The Tiger Heavy Duty Door Series starts with a core that consists of a 3/8” triangular cell phenolic-impregnated kraft honeycomb surrounded by a rigid high-modulus, pultruded FRP tubular structural stile, rail, and mid rail sub-frame. At each of the sealed corner joints and hardware locations of the sub-frame, non-hygroscopic polymer blocking is inserted as reinforcement, providing the ultimate in strength for screw retention and compression resistance. 

Extreme Duty UL Fire-Rated Doors
Tiger Door has successfully tested its FRP Doors and Frame units to both UL 10B (neutral pressure) and UL 10C/UBC 7-2 (positive pressure) test standards. These door and frame constructions blend the latest technologies in fire protection components with the attributes of fiberglass to provide the ultimate FRP UL fire-rated barrier. Seamless designs utilizing concealed category A intumescents, in combination with factory pre-finishing available in 3 standard, 24 custom, or project-specific color-matched colors, provide aesthetically pleasing FRP openings to satisfy the most demanding architectural requirements.

Extreme Duty Hurricane Doors
Tiger Door has successfully tested its glazed and flush FRP door and frame units to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the Florida Building Code (FBC), and the International Building Code (IBC) for hurricane-rated openings. This product has been assigned Florida Product Approval Number FL7026 and is fabricated to Underwriters Laboratories manufacturing procedures ZHDL.R25222 and ZHCW.R25108. 

Tiger Door’s Extreme Duty UL Listed Hurricane/Severe Windstorm Door Series have passed for single swing and pair orientations incorporating our Screwless FRP Vision Light System glazed with hurricane-rated glass and utilizing a variety of standard builders hardware.

Pharmaceutical Duty Doors
Designed exclusively for interior pharmaceutical and medical environments where cleanliness is a must, the Tiger Pharmaceutical Duty Door Series is seamless and manufactured with all non-organic materials.