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Commercial door closers are commonly used in applications where security and access control are valued. Commercial door closers ensure that the door automatically closes after being opened and that the locking element can securely engage. They also have the added benefit of preventing doors from slamming shut. has over 600 commercial door closer products in various styles and finishes, such as matte black, dark bronze, and cast iron, from brands like Sargent, Yale, LCN, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to stop a commercial door from slamming is by installing a commercial door closer. Commercial door closers will automatically slowly close a door after it has been opened.

A commercial hydraulic door closer uses a spring inside a housing filled with hydraulic fluid to regulate the speed at which your door closes. As you open the door, the spring compresses via a piston, and hydraulic fluid begins to move to a chamber inside. Once you let go of the door, spring tension pushes back against the piston, and the hydraulic fluid slowly flows back until the door has closed again.

On the side of the housing of your commercial door closer are three screws, but this may vary based on your model. These screws control the closing speed, latch speed, and back check. Adjust these screws while the door is closed with 1/4 turns until your door opens and closes as desired. Clockwise turns will make the door close slower, while counter-clockwise turns will increase the rate at which the door closes.

To make your commercial-grade door closer hold open, you’ll need to adjust the hold-open nut found on the arm. Simply open your hold-open door to the preferred position and tighten the hold-open nut on the arm to prevent the door from closing.