Corbin Russwin UT5251 Entrance Function-Pre-Assembled Unit Lockset


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The Corbin Russwin UT5251 Entrance Function-Pre-Assembled Unit Lockset, UT5251 Function is Deadlocking latchbolt by grip either side, except when turn button locks outside grip. • Key outside retracts latchbolt. • Outside grip unlocked by turn button. • Inside grip always free. Corbin Russwin UT5251 Entrance Function Lock Is Ideal For , Schools, Universities , Office Buildings, Historic Buildings, Institutions, High Traffic Areas. For Doors 1 3/4" Thick, 2 3.4" backset, Lock Chassis One-piece investment cast frame. Machined internal parts of steel, bronze and stainless steel. Zinc dichromated for corrosion resistance. Corbin Russwin UT5251 Pre-Assembled Unit Lockset, Strike Wrought brass or bronze, ANSI strike with nylon adjusting screw, standard. 4-7/8", ANSI/BHMA Designed to meet A156.2 Series 2000. Meets A117.1 A

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