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What are Sargent 10 Line Locks?

Sargent 10 Line Locks are engineered to provide superior security and reliability. The seamless integration of strength and style makes them a preferred choice for commercial and institutional settings. Whether you need them for classrooms, storerooms, entrances, privacy areas, or non-operational doors, these locks offer peace of mind with their robust build and trusted performance.

Features of Sargent 10 Line Locks

  • Exceptional Durability and Reliability: These locks exceed ANSI 156.2 Grade 1 standards, ensuring longevity and reliability in high-traffic environments.
  • Easy Installation: Enjoy quick and hassle-free setup with Sargent 10 Line Locks, typically installable in one minute or less, saving time and effort.
  • Customizable Options: Explore a wide selection of functions, trims, and finishes that cater perfectly to diverse architectural styles and security requirements, allowing you to customize the locking system to fit your needs.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Sargent 10 Line Locks meets rigorous national and state fire safety regulations and handicapped accessibility codes, ensuring peace of mind and legal compliance.
  • Advanced Security: Benefit from enhanced security features that include advanced locking mechanisms, which provide reliable protection against unauthorized access and enhance overall security. 
  • Variety of Finishes: These commercial door hardware locks can be used according to user preferences. They are available in different finishes, such as Satin Chrome (US26D-626).

Explore Sargent 10X Line Locks at Qualitydoor.com

Qualitydoor.com offers many Sargent 10 Line Locks, including customizable options such as core selections (LA Keyway, LFIC, SFIC) and Sargent Lever (L Contour Angles Return, P Curved Return). Browse our collection to find the lock offering security, functionality, and style for your spaces.

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