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Bullet Resistant Steel Doors

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Bullet resistant doors are often used in government buildings, cashier stands, high crime areas, or any structure where increased safety is desired. They are generally tested in accordance with UL 752 and assigned a level from 1-10 that defines how resistant the door is to gunfire.

  • Designed and built to resist a projectile at maximum velocity
  • Long-term strength and durability
  • Hardware recommendations available upon request

  • *Manufactured by: Ceco, Curries


Bullet Resistant doors are supplied with the appropriate listed hardware, will meet most job requirements for security and protection. These bullet resistant assemblies offer 8 levels of bullet-resistant protection, complying with UL752 1-8.

Made with a proprietary ballistic core, these assemblies were third party tested and certified in accordance with UL752 and NIJ standards for bullet-resistant ratings for UL752 1-3 handguns, and UL752 4-8 rifles.


  • 1-3/4" door thickness
  • A60 galvannealed door and frame
  • 14-gauge face skin
  • Welded door construction
  • Seamless edge door design
  • Handed
  • Polystyrene core
  • Maximum opening size 4' x 10' Single
  • Maximum opening size 8' x 8' Pair
  • Factory applied rust inhibiting primer finish
  • 14-gauge frame
  • Single, equal, unequal rabbet profile
  • 3" to 14" frame depth
  • Welded construction frame corner condition
  • Fire-rated up to 90 minutes
  • UL752 levels 1-8 bullet resistance


  • Bullet resistant with 8 levels of protection complying with third party testing and certified to UL752 Bullet Resistance Standard
  • Designed and built to resist a projectile at maximum velocity
  • Long-term strength and durabilty
  • Solid wood doors available to match any design requirement UL752 Levels 4-8
  • Hardware recommendations avaialble upon request
  • Applied moldings available for decorative applications
  • Bullet resistant glazing available up to level 8


  • Cashier Stations, Classrooms, Patient Rooms, Hazardous Environments, Pharmaceutical Storage Rooms
  • Commercial and Corporate, Healthcare, Military and Government, Critical Infrastructure, Utilities
  • Cannabis, Higher Ed, K-12, Manufacturing, VA Hospitals
  • Bottom Channel Gauge: 16
  • Buy America Act: Yes
  • Buy American Act: Yes
  • Door Construction: Welded
  • Door Core Material: Honeycomb, Polystyrene, Steel-stiffened, Proprietary
  • Door Face Material: Cold Rolled Steel, A40 Galvannel Steel, G90 Galvanized Steel
  • Edge Construction: Seamless
  • Face Skin Gauge: 14, 12
  • Fire Rated: Yes
  • Hinge Reinforcement Gauge: 7
  • Location: Interior, Exterior
  • Maximum Nominal Opening Height (Pair): 10 ft
  • Maximum Nominal Opening Height (Single): 10 ft
  • Maximum Nominal Opening Width (Pair): 7 ft
  • Maximum Nominal Opening Width (Single): 4 ft
  • Trade Agreements Act: Yes

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