Corbin Russwin DC62930xETS Slave Unit Electromechanical Door Closer-Holder with Pull (Hinge) Side Mounting


Corbin Russwin Finish: -689, Silver Aluminum Painted (SBL)
Corbin Russwin Voltage: -120A, 120VAC
Sale price$829.75/ea
3-4 Week Lead Time

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The Corbin Russwin Corbin Russwin DC62930-ETS Slave Unit Electromechanical Door Closer-Holder with Pull (Hinge) Side Mounting This is a "Slave Unit" for use on a pair of doors with a "ETD" Master Unit. The DC62930-ETS is a non-handed, narrow projection closer with a full plastic cover. It has an adjustable spring for sizes 1-6. It also has four independent valves to control latch speed, closing speed, backcheck positioning and intensity. DC62930-ETS can be installed on the pull side of door only. operating voltages of 24 Volts AC/ DC or 12OVAC, 60Hz. Power to these devices must be within a range of (+) 10% (-) 15% of the stated voltage. [ select voltage ] See Manufactures Specifications Before Ordering !

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