Rockwood 494 Automatic Door Holder and Stop

Brand: ROCKWOODSKU: 49426D

Rockwood Finish: -.26D, Satin Chrome Plated (626)
Sale price$103.90/ea
Available (1‑2 Weeks)
1-2 Weeks Lead Time

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Rockwood 494 Automatic Door Holder & Stop. FH WS/Plastic Anchor For applications requiring door hold-open on a frequent basic, Screw hole design allows for precise alignment and then permanent attachment.Holder base: 3"w x 3-3/8"h,Holder projection: 2-1/8", Strike base: 2"w x 3"h,Strike projection 3-1/4"h Rockwood 494 Is ideal for commercial applications and Institutional Use along with Retail, Office Buildings. See Manufactures Spec

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