Sargent 8888-F Rim Exit Device, Multi-Function, Wide Style Push Pad, Exit Only, 36" Bar, Field Reversible, Grade 1, Non-Handed


Finish: US32D-630 Satin Stainless Steel
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In Stock

Sargent 8888 Rim Exit Device - Reversible with Wide Style Pushpad

The Sargent 8888 Reversible Rim Exit Device is a multi-function grade 1 surface mounted panic bar with hex key dogging and a wide style push pad. The 8888 is non-handed, with seven functions determined by the trim.

Features: Sargent 8888 Rim Exit Device

  • Non-handed
  • Single and double door applications
  • Device & trim sold separately; easy to mix and match
  • 3 available trim designs; trim is field reversible
  • Available in 36" and 48" widths (please specify)
  • Available in US32D/630, US10B/613, & US3/605 Finishes

Compatible Panic Trims - Sold Separately

Panic Trims for 8888 Sargent Multi-Function Exit Devices/Panic Bars

Panic Trims for Multi-Function Exit Devices Sargent 8888

Panic Trims Compatible with 8888 Sargent Multi-Function Panic Bars

Technical Specs
Physical Appearance Wide Stile Pushpad
Device Type Rim
Mechanical Function Exit Only, Accepts Various Trim
Device Length Optional
Hand Non-Handed
Dogging Options Hex Key Dogging
Includes Trim No
Trim Type Less trim
Includes Cylinder(s) No
Minimum Stile Size 4-3/4"
Door Material Metal or Wood
Door Width Optional
Door Thickness 1-3/4" - 2-1/4"
Fire Rated No
Reversible Yes
Product Type Rim Exit Devices
Sargent 8888 Reversible Rim Exit Device image from front

Sargent 8888 Rim Exit Device - Reversible with Wide Style Pushpad Picture

Panic Handing Chart

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