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Schlage Electronics 692 36 628RD R Touch Bar Request-to-Exit Device, 36", Red Lettering, RHR, Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized

  • SKU: 69236628RDR

Schlage Electronics 692 36 628RD R Touch Bar Request-to-Exit Device, 36", Red Lettering, RHR, Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized

  • SKU: 69236628RDR
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The Schlage Electronics 692 36 628RD R Touch Bar Exit Device has a Request-to-Exit function, has Red Lettering on the bar, is Right Hand Reverse handed, and comes in Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized finish.

The 692 Series Touch Bar is a non-latching releasing device that uses two photo beams to detect the intention to exit. Breaking either or both beams will deactivate the relay. Loss of power to the device will also deactivate the relay. It is most often used as a switch to release a magnetic lock. A double pole output is standard. The device can be ordered to fit 3 standard door openings. A 24-inch (minimum) pre-connected cable comes standard to make installation easier. These devices are to be installed in accordance with the applicable codes and the local authorities having jurisdiction. It is up to the local authorities have jurisdiction whether this can be installed in lieu of panic hardware.


692 Series SmartBars

An electronic switching device with no moving parts, which serves as a non-latching request-to-exit device.

The 692 series SmartBar allows one motion egress at doors equipped with an electronic locking device, most commonly an electromagnetic lock, with "no prior knowledge" required by the user. Touching the SmartBar at any point on the bar activates internal circuitry which controls power to the locking device. No moving parts results in low maintenance and long life.

  • Patent-pending infrared detection along bar releases locking device when light beam is broken
  • One motion egress when installed with electromagnetic or electrified locks
  • Large "PUSH TO EXIT" lettering provides obvious exit indication with glow-in-the- dark option
  • Low profile provides ample clearance through the door
  • Audible alarm is standard
  • Left- or right-hand reverse (field reversible)
  • For aluminum, hollow metal and wood doors
  • No moving parts for low maintenance and long life
  • Heavy-duty aluminum extrusion with cast metal end caps for maximum durability
  • Quick installation brackets/universal mounting system
Manufacturer Schlage Electronics
SKU 692 36 628RD R
Installation Commercial
Unit of Measure Each
Base Material Aluminum
Finish 628/US28
Finish Description Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized
Finish Family Matte Silver


Physical Appearance Narrow Stile Pushpad
Device Type Low Profile
Device Length 36"
Switch Type Request to Exit, DPDT
Includes Trim No
Fire Rated No
Product Type Request-to-Exit Devices

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