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What are Cold Rolled Steel Louvers?

Cold-rolled steel louvers are primarily designed for ventilation, light control, and sometimes as an aesthetic feature. The term “cold-rolled” refers to the process of forming steel. Cold rolling improves the strength through strain hardening.

The louvers generally consist of a series of horizontal slats, which can be fixed or adjusted in a frame. They are noted for their durability and capability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Their primary purpose is to facilitate natural ventilation, allowing air to flow into and out of the space, regulating the amount of natural light entering a space, and providing a means of security and privacy, as they can obstruct the view from outside without hindering the flow of air and light.

Key Features of Cold Rolled Steel Louvers

Their versatility and robustness make them an integral component of modern architectural designs. Here are some of the key features:

  • Trusted Manufacturers: Air Louvers is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality cold-rolled steel louvers that meet all the industry standards.
  • Appealing Finish: These louvers, available in mineral bronze finish, provide an additional layer of corrosion resistance and enhance the visual appeal.
  • Fire-Rated: With a prime focus on safety, all our cold-rolled steel louvers are fire-rated. They have been tested and certified to withstand high temperatures and comply with building fire and safety regulations.
  • Variety of Models: Louvers in different series, such as 1900A, 1900ASG, and 800A, are available to suit your specific needs.
  • Different Size Ranges: These louvers, designed to fit various openings, are available in sizes ranging from 12” x 12” to 24” x 24”.
  • Security Grille: With security in mind, these louvers have a security grille.

Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Spaces with Cold-Rolled Steel Louvers from QualityDoor

QualityDoor is a leading commercial hardware provider, offering a vast selection of top-quality cold-rolled steel louvers.  Select the correct louver type for commercial buildings or specialized facilities to suit your needs.

Browse our collection of fire-resistant louvers and enhance your building’s functionality and security.

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