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What Are the Features of Lead-lined Pivots?

The following are some of the top features of lead-lined pivots:

  • Robust Build: Made of sturdy steel, our lead-lined pivots endure the harsh conditions of medical facilities, ensuring doors continue to function smoothly and dependably even under intense use.
  • Effective Radiation Protection: The door’s lead core is shielded from radiation by the staggered fastener arrangement, which complies with radiation safety standards for healthcare settings.
  • Broad Selection: QualityDoor offers a large assortment of lead-lined pivot sets and top pivots, from reputable brands like ABH and Rixson, to suit all kinds of door setups. They are available in different finishes like Bronze US10B-613E, Polished Brass US3-605, and Satin Brass US4-606, to complement the aesthetics of various spaces.
  • Design-Friendly: Our lead-lined pivots come in finishes such as Bronze and Stainless Steel to enhance your healthcare facility’s style without compromising aesthetics.
  • Versatile Installation: With options for top, floor, center, and offset mounting, our lead-lined pivots fit any door specification, ensuring aligned and functional installations.
  • Common lead line door thicknesses typically range from 1/32 inch (0.0312 inches) to 3/8 inch (0.375 inches). Here's a breakdown:
  • Thinner options (1/32" to 1/8" thickness): These are suitable for lower radiation applications, like X-ray rooms with limited fluoroscopy use.
  • Thicker options (above 1/8" thickness): As lead thickness increases, the door itself also needs to be thicker to accommodate the extra weight and maintain structural integrity. These thicker doors are used in areas with higher radiation exposure, like fluoroscopy rooms or certain dental X-ray applications.

Important points to consider:

  • The specific lead thickness required depends on the type and intensity of radiation being shielded against. A licensed physicist should determine the appropriate lead equivalency for your needs.
  • Door manufacturers may offer custom lead thicknesses beyond the common range mentioned earlier.
  • Along with lead thickness, the overall door construction material and core type also play a role in radiation shielding effectiveness.

Explore the Best Selling Lead-Lined Pivots at QualityDoor

QualityDoor offers a premium selection. Our lead-lined pivot sets are available from premium brands with various options such as handing, lead-lined pivot type, offset hung, and pivot set mounting. For more information, browse our catalog and find the right pivots for your spaces.