Alarm Lock 104x12 12V AC or DC Powered Fail-Secure Electric Deadbolt, Aluminum

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Alarm Lock 104x12 Aluminum 12V AC or DC Powered Fail-Secure Electric Deadbolt

The Alarm Lock 104x12 compact electric lock is simple to install on all types of doors. The door is locked or unlocked by remote switch, key switch, time programmer or other electrical contact which interrupts the power. This fail-secure unit projects the bolt only while power is off and when the power is on the bolt retracts.

Alarm Lock 104x12 Fail-Secure Electric Deadbolt

  • 12V AC or DC power
  • Fail-secure bolt retracts when power is on
  • Complete with angle, mortise or flush mount strike
  • Use with standard key or push button switch
  • Molded aluminum cover
  • Requires 800mA
  • Powered by a continuous duty solenoid
  • 5/8" diameter and 5/8" projection
  • Includes 3 strikes and magnets
  • 1.75" Width x 6.75" Length (including keeper)

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