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Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Doors are made from a polymer resin, which is reinforced by chopped strand mat glass fibres to form a FRP laminate. They’re light, require very little maintenance, have a high resistance to denting, warping, bowing, twisting, splitting, peeling, flaking, cracking and fading, making them extremely durable.

  • Ideal for Hospitals, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Labs, Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres
  • Durable, lightweight, flexible, fully reinforced and waterproof material capable of being moulded to any shape
  • Resistant to a broad range of elements such as moisture, chemicals, gases, salt and micro-organisms
  • *Manufactured By: CORRIM and Tiger Door

FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) doors are lightweight, require little maintenance, and exhibit exceptional resistance to various forms of damage, including denting, warping, bowing, twisting, splitting, peeling, flaking, cracking, and fading. They boast remarkable durability. FRP doors excel in environments where the utmost hygiene, easy maintenance, and long-lasting performance are needed. As a result, they prove especially well-suited for use in pharmaceutical, food, healthcare, retail, and leisure settings.

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