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Shop for Mortise Exit Devices from Trusted Brands in the US

We offer an extensive range of mortise exit devices from top brands such as Alarm Lock, Detex, Sargent, and Yale. Our collection encompasses bestsellers like the Sargent 8900 series and Von Duprin 9875/9975 series, along with a plethora of trim options to complement your commercial door setup.

Whether you require a heavy-duty solution or a device with specific dogging options, such as Less Dogging or Hex Key Dogging, QualityDoor has got you covered.

The Importance of Mortise Exit Devices in Commercial Facilities

  • Compliance with safety regulations: These devices ensure that buildings adhere to safety regulations regarding emergency exits, thereby keeping everyone inside safe as per the legal requirements.
  • Customization and aesthetic integration: They are available in different styles and colors, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with any building. 
  • Advanced access control compatibility: They are compatible with modern security systems, enabling a business to monitor entry and exit, adding to the overall safety.
  • Durability in demanding environments: Designed to endure heavy use, these devices are ideal for places like hospitals or schools where doors are frequently used. 
  • Long-term security investment: Installing these devices is a prudent move for future security. They seldom require replacement or repair, saving money in the long run.

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