QualityDoor.com's Fast-track Solution in Commercial Door Hardware for NYU Langone Medical Associates

QualityDoor.com's Fast-track Solution in Commercial Door Hardware for NYU Langone Medical Associates



NYU Langone Medical Associates—Patchogue, 100 Hospital Road, is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate primary and specialty care services, with a focus on improving the overall health and well-being of their patients. The medical facility encompasses internal medicine, orthopedic care, surgical specialties, and cancer care, offering a comprehensive range of services to the community.


The client faced a critical challenge: a need to retrofit behavioral health hardware into a new healthcare wing within an exceptionally tight timeframe. The standard timeline for this job will be a minimum of 12-16 weeks but this was compressed to just 2 months to meet stringent state demands and funding requirements. A significant obstacle was presented by the custom strike and hinge locations on the existing masonry frames, all of which needed to be salvaged.


QualityDoor Case Study - Solution

QualityDoor.com rose to the challenge by conducting a comprehensive on-site survey of all 60 openings at NYU Langone Medical Associates—Patchogue. Recognizing the unique nature of the project, our team skillfully modified the strike and hinge locations of our stock doors, ensuring a precise fit and latch into the existing frames, some of which presented challenges due to their non-square nature. This meticulous customization was vital to seamlessly integrate the commercial door hardware, meeting the high standards expected in a behavioral healthcare facility and adhering to the requirements set by the Office of Mental Health (OMH). The process involved expedited field surveying, efficient creation of shop drawings, and timely resubmissions to accommodate changes.

Despite the complexities, QualityDoor.com orchestrated numerous meetings, phone calls, and coordination efforts to ensure full compliance with OMH standards throughout the project.


Commercial Door Hardware delivery in NY

QualityDoor.com successfully delivered the project in an impressive 8 weeks, well ahead of schedule. All materials were not only correct but also installed ahead of the looming deadline. The 60 custom openings, valued at $205,000, were seamlessly integrated into the new healthcare wing, meeting the state's demands and exceeding the client's expectations.

Key Achievements:

  • Swift Turnaround: QualityDoor.com completed the project in just 8 weeks, surpassing the original 2-month deadline.
  • Precision Customization: The team's meticulous measurements and custom modifications ensured the behavioral health hardware was seamlessly integrated into the existing masonry frames.
  • Compliance Excellence: Despite the accelerated timeline, QualityDoor.com maintained a focus on meeting the strict standards of the Office of Mental Health, ensuring full compliance throughout the project.
  • Effective Communication: The project's success was attributed to numerous meetings, phone calls, and coordination efforts, showcasing QualityDoor.com's commitment to client collaboration.

This case study highlights QualityDoor.com's ability to navigate challenges, provide tailored solutions, and deliver outstanding results within demanding timelines. The collaboration with NYU Langone Medical Associates—Patchogue exemplifies the commitment to excellence that defines QualityDoor.com's approach to projects of all sizes and complexities.

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