QualityDoor.com's Agile Solution in Retrofitting Electrified Door Hardware for Amazon Building Remodel

QualityDoor.com's Agile Solution in Retrofitting Electrified Door Hardware for Amazon Building Remodel



Amazon's relentless expansion into industrial spaces on Long Island led to the leasing of a newly constructed 246,500-square-foot warehouse and distribution building at 90 Ruland Road in Melville. Developed by Hartz Mountain Industries on the former Newsday site, the facility signified a significant addition to Amazon's infrastructure.


The challenge presented to QualityDoor.com was formidable: retrofit new electrified door hardware (access control) into existing door openings within a 3-4 week timeframe. The project involved not only adapting existing doors and frames but also ensuring cost-effectiveness. Integration of new locks, exit devices, and trims into the existing key system added another layer of complexity.


Door Hardware Custom Mod Shop Works

QualityDoor.com tackled the challenge by implementing a two-pronged approach. Firstly, the team opted for retrofitting the existing panic devices with electric latch retraction kits, utilizing door loops for seamless integration. Secondly, the collaboration extended to working closely with factories to leverage fast-track services, crucial in meeting the demanding 3-4 week deadline.

The custom mod shop at QualityDoor.com played a pivotal role. Using this facility, the team custom-made and modified doors and frames to meet the specific requirements of the Amazon Building Remodel. The combination of in-house capabilities and factory fast-track programs ensured a comprehensive and efficient solution.


The QualityDoor.com team demonstrated its agility and efficiency by completing the entire project, including shop drawings and approvals, in just 3.5 weeks. The custom mod shop's ability to create and modify doors and frames, combined with strategic collaboration with factories offering fast-track programs, allowed for the timely delivery of the retrofitting project.

Key Achievements:

Rapid Turnaround: QualityDoor.com completed the project within the demanding 3.5-week timeframe, meeting Amazon's fast-track requirements.
Cost-Effective Retrofitting: The retrofitting strategy, including the use of electric latch retraction kits and door loops, ensured cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.
Custom Mod Shop Expertise: The in-house custom mod shop effectively addressed the need for custom-made and modified doors and frames to fit the unique requirements of the Amazon Building Remodel.
Factory Collaboration: Strategic collaboration with factories enabled fast-track service, contributing significantly to on-time project completion.

Job Details:

Job Name: Amazon Melville
Job Size: $136,000 plus

This case study highlights QualityDoor.com's ability to adapt to complex challenges, employ innovative retrofitting solutions, and deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines, showcasing the company's commitment to excellence in the field of commercial door hardware.

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