Masonite to Be Acquired by Owens Corning in $3.9 Billion Deal: A Transformative Move for Both Companies

By Jeff Dinardo Sr.
Masonite to Be Acquired by Owens Corning in $3.9 Billion Deal: A Transformative Move for Both Companies


In a significant development that marks a transformative chapter for Masonite, the renowned door manufacturer, the company has officially entered into an acquisition agreement with Owens Corning. Masonite President and CEO, Howard Heckes, shared this groundbreaking news with their valued customers today, highlighting the strategic alignment and mutual growth opportunities this collaboration promises.

The acquisition, fully endorsed by Owens Corning, is a testament to Masonite's commitment to its innovative Doors That Do MoreTM strategy. This strategic move is set to propel Masonite's execution capabilities, further solidifying its position as an industry leader. Owens Corning, recognizing the value of Masonite's capable team and innovative approach, views this transaction as a unique opportunity to integrate a prominent player in the door and door systems market.

Both companies, deeply rooted in a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, are united in their mission to enhance the quality of life at home for their consumers. Owens Corning, a global entity with expertise in roofing, insulation, and composites, will establish a new reportable segment dedicated to doors and door systems. Leveraging Masonite's recognized brands, innovative products, superior manufacturing capabilities, and a reliable supply chain, this collaboration aims to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Importantly, Masonite assures its customers that there will be no disruption to ongoing engagements. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering excellent customer service and high-quality products throughout the transition. The anticipated closure of the transaction is set for mid-2024, with both companies working diligently to ensure a seamless and efficient integration process.

As the details unfold, Masonite pledges to keep its customers informed with regular updates. For those wishing to discuss the implications of this acquisition, account representatives are available for scheduled calls.

Masonite expresses gratitude for the continued support of its loyal customers and partners. This strategic alliance with Owens Corning represents not only a new chapter for Masonite but also an exciting evolution in the door and door systems industry.

For more information, you can access the official press release here.

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