A Quick Guide to Von Duprin QEL Quiet Electric Latch Retraction Panic Bars

By Jeff Dinardo Sr.
A Quick Guide to Von Duprin QEL Quiet Electric Latch Retraction Panic Bars


Von Duprin is a top brand for exit devices, which can be used in many locations like offices, schools, and hospitals. The brand stands out because they put a lot of thought into making their devices as safe as possible. One thing Von Duprin adds to their devices is an Electric Latch Retraction (ELR).

These exit devices are the best that Von Duprin can produce with the current technology. This quick guide explains what Von Duprin exit devices are, their types, and where people usually use them.

What Are Exit Devices?

Exit devices, also known as panic devices, panic bolts, or crash bars, are added to doors. They’re made to help people get out of a building quickly and easily during an emergency. An exit device can keep a door locked from the outside but can be easily opened from the inside.

This feature stops people from entering without permission while making sure everyone inside can get out fast. This could be especially important during emergencies. Sometimes, rules may require exit device installations. But most often, you find these devices in commercial buildings to boost safety and security.

Electric Latch Retraction (ELR) is an important part of exit devices. It works with systems that control access and door movement. EL/QEL, in contrast to motorized latch retraction, offers electronic control of an exit device in situations where minimal operational noise is an advantage. This feature makes a door open or unlock with a single push or pull on the latch. ELR devices are known for working silently, not needing a lot of power, and fitting well with most exit devices.

Why Should You Use Exit Devices?

Exit devices are crucial in commercial buildings and they offer many important advantages:

  • Security: You can install exit devices on some doors to stop unwanted access from the public or unauthorized individuals from within an organization. Only people with permission can unlock these doors from the outside. Considering the rise in security risks, it’s very important to keep your assets, employees, and clients safe against unwelcome entries.
  • Safety: In case of emergencies like fires or natural calamities, when people need to quickly leave a building, they can press the crash bar on the inside of the door to open it. That’s why some call it a “panic bar”. Because these devices are easy to use, even people with limited mobility or children can operate them.
  • Ease of Operation: Exit devices are made to be easy to use. You don’t need special knowledge or physical strength to operate them. This is really important in situations where people need to get out quickly and safely.
  • Compliance with Rules: Installing exit devices can help your building comply with building and safety rules set up by the government or other authorities. Being compliant will not only help you avoid legal problems but could also help cut down on insurance fees in some instances. 
  • Durability: Exit devices are built to last and can handle repeated use. They are a cost-saving and dependable option for doors that get a lot of traffic in commercial properties.
  • Reduced Liability: Exit devices can protect businesses from legal issues in emergencies. If emergency exits can’t be accessed easily, businesses could face stiff legal action or penalties. It could also damage their reputation.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Exit devices come in various styles, finishes, and designs. This gives businesses the chance to keep their properties safe while also looking attractive.

Exploring Different Kinds of Von Duprin Exit Devices

Von Duprin offers a wide variety of exit devices, all of which are made with a strong focus on safety. They include electric strikes, push pads, and recessed touch bars. Each kind is carefully designed to make an emergency exit secure and easy.

You can see von Duprin’s commitment to safety and innovation in their popular series, like the 33A/35A and 98/99. These products show how Von Duprin manages to put together reliable security systems that are also very straightforward.

With its broad range, Von Duprin has an exit device for every situation. This makes it simple to find what works best for your particular safety needs. So, whether you need a simple push pad or a more elaborate electric strike system, Von Duprin has what you need. Let’s look at some of their most commonly used products:


  • Rim Exit Devices

Rim Exit Devices

You install these security devices on the doors people leave through. They meet safety laws because they have a rim latch bolt that fits with a strike plate on the door frame. Rim exit devices usually appear on single doors or one door in a pair.

Consider, for example, the Von Duprin 98EO and 99EO. These are made for single doors and work smoothly with rim cylinder locks to ensure security. 


  • Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices

Von Duprin Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices

You often find these kinds of devices on double doors. They allow people to get out in emergencies and have concealed vertical rods that latch at the top and bottom. This design not only looks good but also makes it harder for people to tamper with.

The Von Duprin 9849EO, 9949EO, 9847EO, and 9947EO work with double and single doors. They put together strong security and a smooth design.


  • Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices

Von Duprin Surface Vertical Rod Exit Devices

These are just like concealed exit devices, but they show rods on the door’s surface. They are typically used to secure double doors, with their top and bottom latches providing solid security.

The Von Duprin 9827EO and 9927EO are for pairs of doors and single ones. They’re not very striking but they offer excellent security.


  • Electrified Exit Devices

Von Duprin Electrified Exit Devices

These smart devices control who can come in, while letting people get out freely. They connect with the building’s access system so that their status can be checked remotely. They are mostly used in commercial and industrial buildings.

The Von Duprin QEL99L and RXQEL99L are electrically powered. They come with a request-to-exit feature and have a quiet operation.

Whether you need something for single or double doors or want to add technology to your security systems, Von Duprin has something for you. Devices from Von Duprin perfectly balance safety, looks, and advanced technology.

Where to Find Von Duprin Exit Devices

Many sectors and industries use Von Duprin exit devices for their dependability and variety. Here are some areas where you can find Von Duprin exit devices:

  • Commercial Buildings: Offices, retail stores, and shopping malls use Von Duprin exit devices to guarantee fast and safe exits during emergencies.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools and universities count on these devices to maintain safety standards and allow for efficient exits. 
  • Healthcare and Government Buildings: Hospitals, medical centers, public offices, and municipal buildings choose Von Duprin exit devices to follow strict safety rules. They make sure people can leave easily during emergencies or drills.
  • Hospitality and Industrial Settings: Hotels, resorts, factories, and warehouses use Von Duprin exit devices to meet a wide variety of security demands besides keeping guests and employees safe.
  • Transport and Logistics Facilities: Airports, bus terminals, railway stations, and shipping ports prioritize safety and use Von Duprin exit devices. They help manage large crowds and offer smooth exits during scheduled events or emergencies.
  • Residential Complexes: Apartment buildings and condominiums also rely on Von Duprin exit devices to provide secure evacuation routes for residents. 
  • Emergency Assembly Areas: Stadiums, concert venues, and public assembly halls use Von Duprin exit devices to make sure exits in high occupancy areas are efficient and safe. 
  • Event and Recreation Centers: Convention centers and sports complexes require dependable exit systems to handle big crowds, especially during high-traffic events. That’s why these facilities use top-quality products, like Von Duprin exit devices, to ensure safety.

Simply put, when there is a need for quick and secure exit pathways, Von Duprin fits the bill. These devices play a key role in safe evacuations and crowd control across many different sectors.

Why Choose Von Duprin: High-Quality and Innovative Devices

Von Duprin is a reliable brand you can count on for long-lasting and safe commercial door hardware products. They have been a trusted name for over a century, which shows their commitment to safety and security. Von Duprin’s wide range of products, like commercial door hardware, electric door strikes, rim exit devices, and power supplies, keeps you safe and secure.

If you’re interested in Von Duprin or want to check out other first-class commercial door hardware brands such as Schlage, Yale, Corbin Russwin, Pemko, Sargent and more, visit Qualitydoor.com. As the top supplier of commercial door hardware, QualityDoor offers both electrical and mechanical door hardware to meet the needs of contractors and commercial, industrial, or institutional customers quickly and without hassle. If you're looking for a bulk order for your project, you can secure the discount by requesting a quote, and you will receive the quote within 24 hours.

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