Fire Saftey for your Healthcare Facility

By Jeff Dinardo Sr.
NY Fire Door Inspection


Healthcare Safety with Expertise! is pleased to announce that our Executive Vice President, Mr. Jeff Dinardo Jr., has received the Certified Fire Egress Door Assembly Inspector (CFDAI) certification.

Fire door inspections are an integral part of your building’s overall fire protection system. A properly operating fire-rated door, just like a properly working fire damper, is a crucial component to the compartmentalization of a building to stop the spread of deadly fire, smoke, and toxic fumes. If the fire door assembly isn’t working correctly, your facility is at risk. Fire door inspections will ensure your fire doors are safe and in working order during the event of a fire.

Why QDH for your Fire Door Inspections?

1. Extensive Inventory

We have an extensive inventory of Hollow Metal door frames and hardware in stock to swiftly fix any openings that are not compliant. Fix these units faster to release funds and satisfy your AHJ and Jaco (Joint Commission) faster. Healthcare Expertise:

2. Healthcare Expertise

QDH has been custom fabricating patient rescue units, medicine room doors, and healthcare lead-lined units in-house since 1988. Our long-standing experience and expertise make us specialists in healthcare door frames and hardware. 

3. Great Customer Service

At, we take pride in providing unparalleled customer service and coordination. When you call, we answer and deliver, ensuring that your healthcare facility's needs are met promptly.

4. Assa and Allegion Contract Door, Frame, and Hardware House

As an Assa and Allegion Contract Door, Frame, and Hardware house, we offer access to all the top lines at competitive prices, providing you with cost-effective solutions for your fire door needs.

5. Fast-track fire door inspection capabilities

Our fast-track fire door inspection capabilities are designed to meet your requirements efficiently and in a shorter time frame than any other service providers can offer.

6. Unparalleled Industry Expertise's extensive experience in the field ensures that your fire door inspections are conducted with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

7. Tailored Solutions for Healthcare Clients

We understand the unique requirements of healthcare facilities, and our solutions are tailored to meet these specific needs.

Your healthcare facility's safety matters.
Let us assist in improving the safety and compliance of your healthcare facility.

Reach out to us at +1(800) 992-3667 to schedule your fire door inspection with the experts at

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