SARGENT Introduces Weather Resistant Switch Options for PE80 Series Exit Devices

SARGENT Introduces Weather Resistant Switch Options for PE80 Series Exit Devices


SARGENT Manufacturing has unveiled the latest enhancement to its PE80 Series rim exit devices – the Weather Resistant Switch Options. Engineered to endure the harshest environmental elements, this innovative feature ensures reliable switch monitoring, making it the perfect solution for outdoor doors, gates, and environments that demand steadfast performance.

Key Features:

Resilient Design: The Weather Resistant switch option is meticulously crafted to withstand rain, snow, and other challenging weather conditions. This durability ensures uninterrupted functionality even in the most demanding outdoor settings.

Comprehensive Testing: Prior to launch, the weather resistant switch options have undergone extensive testing to guarantee their performance. Rigorous assessments include Mil 810F(G), 509.4 - Salt Fog, 506.4 - Driving Rain Procedure 1, UL 1034 Temperature Section 34, and UL 1034 Dust Section 54.

Versatile Options: Choose from a variety of switch options tailored to meet diverse needs. Options include W53 Weather Resistant Latchbolt Monitoring, W54 Weather Resistant Lever Monitoring, W55 Weather Resistant Touchbar Monitoring, and W55-ERM Weather Resistant Double Touchbar Monitoring.

Finish Variety: The Weather Resistant switches are available in a range of finishes, ensuring they not only perform exceptionally but also complement the aesthetics of your doors and gates.

Compatibility: These switches seamlessly integrate with all mechanical options and are also available with optional Weep Holes (WH-) designed specifically for weather resistant switches.

You can upgrade the security infrastructure with the advanced Weather Resistant Switch Options from SARGENT. Whether it's rain, snow, or challenging environmental conditions, trust SARGENT to provide robust solutions that stand up to the elements.

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About Manufacturer:

SARGENT Manufacturing has been a leading name in security solutions, providing innovative and reliable products for various industries. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, SARGENT continues to push the boundaries of security technology.

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