Everything you want to know about Von Duprin 98/99 Series Exit Devices

By Jeff Dinardo
Everything you want to know about Von Duprin 98/99 Series Exit Devices


Von Duprin's 98/99 Series Exit Devices, featuring customizable push pads, are high-performance, heavy-duty solutions for various applications, including higher education, K-12 schools, hospitals, hospitality, and government buildings. The series boasts certification to the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and compliance. With architectural design variations between the 98 and 99 Series, these exit devices offer a modular design, allowing easy upgrades to meet changing technological and facility needs.

Features and Benefits

Modular Design: The devices can be upgraded to adapt to changing technology and facility requirements.
High Durability: Engineered for high use and abuse in institutional applications such as schools, hospitals, and government facilities.
Field-Configurable Options: Field-configurable options and retrofit kits are available to cater to different needs.


ANSI/BHMA A156.3 2014 Grade 1
ANSI/UL 10C (fire-rated only)
CAN/ULC-S104 (fire-rated only)

Device Types

The 98/99 Series offers various device types, including Rim, Surface-Mounted Vertical Rod, Concealed Vertical Rod, Mortise Lock, and more.


Exit Only (EO)
Dummy trim (DT)
Knob (K)
Knob, blank escutcheon (KBE)
Knob, dummy trim (KDT)
Knob night latch, key retracts (KNL)
Lever (L)
Lever, blank escutcheon (LBE)
Lever, dummy trim (LDT)
Lever-key capture (LKC)
Lever, night latch, key retracts (LNL)
Night latch, key retracts (NL)
Night latch, optional pull (NLOP)
Turn lever (TL)
Turn lever, blank escutcheon (TLBE)
Turn lever, optional pull (TLOP)
Thumbpiece (TP)
Thumbpiece, blank escutcheon (TPBE)

Device Finishes

605: Bright Brass
606: Satin Brass
611: Bright Bronze*
612: Satin Bronze
613: Satin Bronze, Oil-Rubbed
619: Satin Nickel
625: Polished Chrome
626: Satin Chrome
626-AM: Satin Chrome, Antimicrobial*
628: Anodized aluminum
630: Satin Stainless Steel
630-AM: Satin Stainless Steel, Antimicrobial*
643E: Aged Bronze
710: Duranodic Dark Bronze
711: Black

Exit Trim Models

The 98/99 Series comes in options such as Less Control (LC), Less Trim (LT), and various exit trim models, as detailed below:


Engineered for Value and Performance

98_99 Series Exit Devices - Engineered for Value and Performance

Von Duprin empowers customers by providing flexible solutions that can be modified over time, protecting the investment well into the future. The 98/99 Series push pad devices feature a universal center case design that is unique in the industry and offers superior flexibility. Backed by high-quality standards, these exit devices are proven to perform under heavy use and abuse.

Applications of 98/99 Series Exit Devices

Von Duprin exit devices find diverse applications across various sectors, providing robust solutions for specific needs. Here's a detailed breakdown:

Healthcare Solutions by Application:

Von Duprin Exit Devices Healthcare Solutions

Quiet Openings:
Noise reduction is crucial in hospitals for patient recovery and satisfaction. Von Duprin offers QM (quiet mechanical) and QEL (quiet electric latch retraction) options to control motion and minimize operational noise in patient floors, ICUs, and maternity wards.

Behavioral Health Openings:
Chexit Delayed Egress System by Von Duprin addresses the unique requirements of behavioral health areas, providing controlled or delayed egress applications.

Infection Control:
Von Duprin electrified exit devices, power supplies, and electronic switches contribute to touchless operation, aligning with the trend of preventing infection spread. Antimicrobial finishes on devices further enhance hygiene.

Emergency Room and High Traffic Openings:
94/95 Series INPACT Exit Devices are designed for high-traffic areas, offering recessed push pads to reduce impact with medical equipment.

Stairwell Doors:
Von Duprin fire-rated products ensure safety and compliance with fire and life safety codes in stairwell openings.

Higher Education Solutions by Application:

Von Duprin Exit Devices Higher Education Solutions

To enhance campus safety, Von Duprin provides mechanical security indicators and electrified options like the Emergency Secure Lockdown (ESL).

Academic Buildings:
Electrified exit devices, power supplies, and electric switches enable programmed lock schedules, remote monitoring, and centralized lockdown during emergencies.

Residence Halls:
Von Duprin exit devices with electrified options ensure ADA compliance and fire safety standards in residence halls, requiring student credentials for access.

Stairwell Doors:
Fire-rated Von Duprin products cater to access control needs in high-traffic areas like stairwell doors.

K-12 Solutions:

Von Duprin Exit Devices K-12 Solutions

Perimeter Security:
Von Duprin exit devices contribute to securing the perimeter with electrified options for programmed lock schedules and remote monitoring.

Classroom Security:
Security indicators on trim help identify locked doors in classrooms, including cafeterias, gymnasiums, and auditoriums.

Severe Weather:
Von Duprin addresses specific needs in tornado and hurricane-prone regions with suitable products for storm shelter areas.

Noise Reduction:
Quiet Mechanical and Quiet Electric Latch options reduce noise in critical areas like auditoriums and administration offices.

Stairwell Doors:
Fire-rated Von Duprin products maintain safety standards in stairwell doors with unique access control requirements.

Government Solutions by Application:

Von Duprin Exit Devices Government Solutions

Buy American Act/Buy America Act Compliant:
Von Duprin offers products compliant with the Buy American Act, contributing to the security of government facilities.

Blast Resistant Solutions:
Von Duprin XP exit devices provide an extra layer of security for military and government facilities designed to withstand external attacks.

Sustainable Buildings:
Von Duprin products contribute to LEED certification, aligning with sustainable building practices.

Electronic Access Control:
Von Duprin offers electro-mechanical solutions for reliable physical security in government facilities, including exit devices, power supplies, switches, and transfers.

Commercial Real Estate Solutions by Application:

Von Duprin Exit Devices Commercial Real Estate Solutions

Electronic Access Control:
Von Duprin provides varied electro-mechanical solutions for commercial spaces tailored to facility size and budget.

Alarmed Solutions:
Exit alarms on Von Duprin devices, including ALK on exit devices and 2670 GUARD-X Exit Devices, enhance security and deter unauthorized use.

Sustainable Building:
Von Duprin products contribute to LEED certification, supporting sustainable building initiatives in commercial real estate.

Von Duprin's comprehensive range of exit devices in each sector addresses specific challenges, contributing to enhanced security, safety, and operational efficiency.

In conclusion, investing in Von Duprin's 98/99 Series Push Pads is a judicious choice for your Grade 1 heavy-duty commercial door hardware needs. These exit devices, exemplifying innovation and reliability, stand out as a pinnacle in the market. Tailored for diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Higher education, K-12, Government, and Commercial real estate, these devices provide specialized solutions to address unique challenges. Von Duprin's offerings ensure a harmonious blend of safety, security, and ease of use, from noise reduction in healthcare settings to lockdown solutions in educational institutions. By choosing Von Duprin, you invest in top-notch exit devices and a comprehensive approach to commercial door hardware that aligns with the specific requirements of your space.

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