Keep Your Facility Safe with Hands Free Door Openers

By Jeff Dinardo
Keep Your Facility Safe with Hands Free Door Openers


Keep Your Facility Safe with Hands-Free Door Openers

Winter is Coming!!

Improve Your Facility with Hands-Free Door Openers to Keep your facility safe and clean.


Minimizing the spread of germs & bacteria in high-traffic areas using Hands-Free Door Openers such as:

A hands-free door opener like an arm or foot pull is an easy and cost-effective way to make your facility cleaner. This type of hardware allows the user to open doors without grasping the hardware with their hands; instead, they use their arm or foot to open the door.

Paddles are a low-touch option for virtually any latching door. They replace the typical hardware on both sides of the door with a paddle. On the push side of the door, the user pushes the paddle with their hip to unlatch and open the door. On the pull side, it operates as a typical arm pull. There are multiple mounting orientations for push/pull paddles which makes them a great customizable option.

Another low-tech option is a hold-open device. This type of hardware is used to keep doors open during busy times of the day and allow for the free movement of people without the need to touch anything.

Low Energy Operators

Electrified hold-open devices are similar to the mechanical door holder, this option keeps doors open to allow a flow of people without the need to touch a door handle. The difference is that this product uses electricity to activate a magnet that holds the door open.

Hands Free Motion Sensors

This fully automated option requires the least amount of physical contact. Low-energy operators paired with electrified hardware and actuators open and close the door for you without the need to touch germy surfaces. is your leading provider of Hands-Free Door Openers and other commercial Door Hardware items. has the largest inventory of doors, frames, and hardware as well as fast-track capabilities.

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