Sargent 8200 Series Mortise Lock With Status Indicators

By Jeff Dinardo
Sargent Mortise Lock with Status Indicator


Looking for a Grade 1 mortise lock with a privacy/ status indicator? SARGENT's 7800/8200 Series mortise locks might be the lock you need. These indicators are available with both sectional and escutcheon trims. Status indicators can be used in a variety of applications and are most commonly used to identify occupancy or display locked/unlocked status of a room. The 8200 Sargent Mortise lock also comes in a Behavioral health or Ligature resistant trims, ALP, BHL, and BHW trims.

• Restrooms

• Quiet rooms

• Nursing mother’s rooms

• Classroom doors Features:

• Inside, outside or both sides of the door

• Available for over 25 different functions – including thumb turn functions • Viewing window 25% larger than the competition

• Patent-pending curved design for viewing at multiple angles

• The window located prominently above the cylinder

• Highly reflective viewing window for increased safety

• Optional directional engraving available

• Retrofittable for existing applications


Multiple status indicator options are currently available for order with standard lead times. For additional information, contact us at 1-800-992-3667 or email

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