QualityDoor.com's Efficient Delivery for Independent General Contracting, West Hampton, NY

QualityDoor.com's Efficient Delivery for Independent General Contracting, West Hampton, NY



Independent General Contracting (IGC) stands as a beacon of progress, dedicated to building a brighter future for Long Island. With a commitment to the community, IGC specializes in full-service site contracting, covering everything from excavation and drainage to roadways. Their projects exemplify innovative construction and show their dedication to Long Island's infrastructure.

IGC takes pride in its comprehensive approach, offering services ranging from demolition and excavation to ADA-compliant curbs and sidewalks, drainage and sewer construction, water mains, pump stations, and storm retention ponds.


IGC faced a formidable challenge: supply 65 door, frame, and hardware openings within a demanding 4-week fast-track timeline, whereas the materials specified by the architect required 10-12 weeks. The urgency of the project necessitated a collaborative and agile solution.


Commercial Door Hardware Frame Supplier

QualityDoor.com collaborated closely with the architect and contractor, making alternates regarding mechanical and electrified hardware requirements. The team at QualityDoor.com scaled production to deliver all doors and frames within a condensed 4-week timeframe. Using our in-house shop, doors were crafted from Ceco, primed 18ga, with frames in 16ga, featuring various jamb widths, all meticulously primed.

The proactive approach involved preparing hardware and providing detailed shop drawings. This collaboration allowed for the timely production of custom openings, overcoming the material's standard lead time and meeting the accelerated project schedule.


QualityDoor.com exceeded expectations by delivering the project in an impressive 3.5 weeks, well ahead of schedule. The materials were not only correct but also installed before the deadline. Leveraging its in-house shop and extensive inventory, QualityDoor.com efficiently prepped all hardware in-house, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Each material was meticulously marked for its designated opening and triple-checked for precision.

Job Details:

Client Name: Independent General Contracting, West Hampton, NY
65 Custom Openings
$72,000 Value

Key Achievements:

Accelerated Delivery: QualityDoor.com successfully met the 4-week fast-track deadline, outpacing the 8-week lead time for specified materials.
Collaborative Solutions: Close collaboration with the architect and contractor enabled efficient alternates for mechanical and electrified hardware requirements.
In-House Efficiency: Using QualityDoor.com's in-house shop and inventory allowed for streamlined production, preparation, and triple-checking of all hardware, contributing to the project's success. Our team custom-preps door hardware in-house.

This case study showcases QualityDoor.com's ability to provide tailored solutions, accelerate delivery timelines, and surpass expectations in commercial door hardware for our customer Independent General Contracting's project.

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