Fast-Track Healthcare Door Solutions for NewYork-Presbyterian

Fast-Track Healthcare Door Solutions for NewYork-Presbyterian



NewYork-Presbyterian, a prominent academic healthcare delivery system, is committed to delivering top-tier, compassionate care to patients across the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Renowned for collaborating with Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, the institution excels in medical education, groundbreaking research, and patient-centered clinical care.


Facing a stringent deadline, NewYork-Presbyterian required swift installation of frames for Hospital cut-off stops and patient rescue units. The specified components included DSH1000 Pemko Hinges, and ERS emergency stops. Despite a given lead time of 12 weeks, the urgency demanded completion within two weeks. The complexity increased due to dynamic alterations, including shifts in existing openings, wall adjustments, and modifications to swing directions. There were more than eight change orders throughout the project, introducing new Doors, Frames, and Hardware outside the initial schedule.


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Undaunted by the challenge, our team at sprang into action. We took charge of custom fabricating frames in our custom mod shop in New York, featuring 6" hospital cut-off stops and incorporating the specified DSH1000 Pemko Hinges and ERS emergency stops. Simultaneously, we expedited the production of doors and hardware, staying consistently ahead of the curve. Navigating the dynamic changes seamlessly, we accommodated new frames released incrementally, which weren't part of the initial project scope.


Initially, a 12-week project timeline was transformed into an impressive eight weeks of successful delivery. Our accelerated production included the creation of 80 custom openings, showcasing not only our efficiency but also our adaptability in handling dynamic project requirements.

Key Highlights:

Swift Custom Fabrication: We showcased our agility by custom fabricating frames according to the unique specifications provided by NewYork-Presbyterian within the tight 2-week timeframe.

Adaptability to Changes: Managing over eight change orders, including introducing new frames, highlighted our flexibility and unwavering commitment to accommodating the project's evolving needs.

Consistent Ahead-of-Schedule Delivery: We met and exceeded expectations, consistently finishing each change order and the original project scope ahead of schedule.

Value Proposition: The project's successful completion underscores our commitment to delivering value. It showcases our capability to handle complex, time-sensitive projects in the healthcare sector.

Our seamless collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian exemplifies our dedication to customer satisfaction, timely project delivery, and adaptability in the face of evolving project requirements. This success reinforces as your go-to partner for fast-track door, frame, and hardware needs in challenging scenarios.

Job Details:

Client Name: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
80 Custom Openings

Job Size:$255K Value

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